Our Mission

Moving Forward - Following Jesus 

The people of Bozeman CRC, growing in God's Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and following Jesus Christ, are committed to proclaiming the Good News of His love and care, so our neighbors will be brought to Christ and together we will increase in faith and numbers.

Bozeman CRC Ministry Teams Mission Statements:

Care-Fellowship Mission Statement

 As God’s people,

                We will minister in Jesus’ name

                                To the spiritual, emotional and physical needs

                                Of the church family.

                We will do this

                                By being sensitive and responsible for each other.

                                And using the time and abilities God has given us.

Education Mission Statement:

As God’s people,

                We will fulfill our baptismal promise

                                To teach each other and our children

                                About Jesus’ salvation and wisdom and love.

                This growth in faith and practice,

                                Based on the Word of God,

                                Will include discovering and using

                                The gifts and resources

                                God has provided us.


Worship Mission Statement:

As God’s people, led by the Word and Spirit

                We will have worship where we experience

                                Genuine and meaningful communion with God.

                This worship of prayer and praise

                                Will help us live in love with God and others

                                And provide what is needed

                                For faith, growth, obedience and service.

Outreach Mission Statement:

As God’s people,

                We will encourage and equip one another

                                To share the good news of eternal life

                                Bringing people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ

                                And into God’s family.

                We will do this

                                By deeds of caring

                                And in words that are clear and simple.


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